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The liquid polymer by Cernit

Cernit's Polymer Gel is a liquid polymer that hardens once baked. Each bottle has a fine tip, allowing the gel to be placed with precision. Its gel texture prevents dripping and allows the product to stay in place during your manipulations.
The gel comes in 10 colors: white, black, red, green, blue, yellow, gold, silver, pearl, and translucent.

This gel can be used for a lot of applications:

  • Transfer printed images onto polymer clay
  • Glue raw or baked polymer clay elements together
  • Enable creative effects when mixed with paint, dry pastels, pigments, mica powders, etc. (for example for the creation of coulis)
  • Create stained glass effects
  • Have a layer allowing good visibility of additives such as glitter, microbeads, dried flowers and leaves, etc.
  • Use it like a varnish to protect your creations
  • The different colors can be mixed to create your own shades
  • The pearlescent gel allows you to create subtle pastel colors and pearlescent shades
  • To draw with the polymer as with a paint
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